The History Of Taylor Swift And Katy Perry’s Feud, From Before ‘Bad Blood’ To 2018

03.26.18 4 weeks ago
taylor swift katy perry feud timeline

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Peanut butter and jelly. Instagram and videos documenting unlikely animal friendships. Lamb and tuna fish. These are some of the penultimate combinations that mankind has discovered work together in perfect conjunction. For every one of those, though, there are toxic pairings that aren’t as symbiotic: Computers and your grandparents, big water slides and loose bathing suits, and of course, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

There was a time when the relationship between these two larger-than-life pop stars would have fallen into the former group, but to put it lightly, their dynamic has gone through plenty of ups and downs over the years. Very famously, the two are currently embroiled in one of the longest-standing pop feuds in recent memory. It’s been a long and winding road between the beginning of it and now, and although we’ve covered this before, enough developments have… developed since then that it’s worth revisiting this hot-button topic.

So let’s look back now and remember how sweet things used to be between Swift and Perry, when diplomacy soured, and where it all stands now, beginning with:

Before The Storm (2009-2012)

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Before every feud, there’s a time where the parties involved, at the very worst, are indifferent to each other. They might even like each other. Back in the day, it seemed like Swift and Perry were downright besties. For instance, the two had some fun with each other on Twitter in 2009: In response to a now-deleted Swift tweet from July 2009 in which she wrote, “I think I’m going to hang [Perry’s] poster on my wall now,” Perry suggested that the two write a song together. A few months after, Swift tweeted that Perry threw a birthday party that was “party-licious.”

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