Taylor Swift Threw Shade At Katy Perry With Left Shark While Performing ‘Bad Blood’

The cyberink from Taylor Swift’s fantastic VMA feud with Nicki Minaj barely dried with an apology and truce. With that mess tossed aside, Swift picked up where she left off in her unresolved feud with Katy Perry. The infamous Left Shark made an appearance during Swift’s weekend concert in Foxborough, Mass. During “Bad Blood,” he was seen quickly popping onscreen behind Swift, who chuckled heartily at the sight.

The Super Bowl sharks carry a lot of symbolism in this ongoing beef. Right Shark was one of Swift’s backup dancers until Perry snagged him for her Prismatic world tour. This video could mean that Swift is claiming Left Shark for herself. These ladies do love drama.

Meanwhile, Left Shark in the flesh was spotted clubbing in Buenos Aires on Saturday night. Left Shark belongs to no one.

(via Complex)