Taylor Swift’s Explosive New Single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Is A Fiery Comeback

After nearly upstaging the first total solar eclipse in decades with the mere whiff of news that she was on the verge of staging her return, Taylor Swift is officially back with the first piece of new music off her sixth album Redemption, the fiery single “Look What You Made Me Do.” “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the right now… why? Because she’s dead,” goes an ad-lib toward the end, and the rest of the single is similarly a reinvention, with lots of electronic production and heavy beats. Listen below.

[protected-iframe id=”8ef3b502b19bcb14c38223616a661812-60970621-76566046″ info=”https://open.spotify.com/embed?uri=spotify:track:2VjtYe7gpfUi2OkGxR2O2z” width=”650″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″]

Earlier this week, Swift teased out the arrival of her latest video with a ten second clip that showed what many perceived to be a snake’s tail. Larger portions of the snake were revealed in subsequent clips and immediately, the internet pounced on that bit of evidence to mean that the pop star was preparing to clap back at both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over the so-called “Taylor Swift Is Over Party” that Kim hosted last year, sharing video-snippets of her conversation with Kanye that appeared depict her giving approval of his use of the line, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? / I made that b*tch famous” in his The Life Of Pablo single “Famous.”

Shortly after that event, Taylor’s social media feeds were clogged with green, little snake emojis from Kimye fans. It’s been nearly three years since she released her Grammy Award winning album 1989 and Taylor Swift season is finally here once again. Prepare yourself accordingly and check out her new single above.