Taylor Swift Rocked Through Time With Mick Jagger And Steven Tyler In Nashville

Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour made its way to Music City on Friday and Saturday, bringing two legends of rock with her to celebrate the moment. The amount of chapstick on hand was likely monumental because not only did Steven Tyler appear to sing Aerosmith’s hit “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” on Friday, but Mick Jagger also shimmied his way out to the stage to perform “Satisfaction” the very next night. You can see Jagger above, pushing the size of Swift’s “squad” to ludicrous levels. It also raises the age limit quite a bit. Keith Richards was nowhere to be found, likely out sleeping in a tree or watching his own movie on Netflix again. These guys have lived at least a dozen lives in rock and roll time.

Below you can see Steven Tyler from Friday, scarves in tow, belting out his band’s first number one hit (blasphemy) and joining the smiling pop queen on stage. Tyler was probably just in the area because he’ll just sing this song whenever the moment feels right. He might’ve just wandered into the back earlier in the day, met with Swift, and made this happen while passing through town. And yes, I do feel that Tyler likely has scarfs tied to anything he can in his car, and too, that he’s busy driving his own car around to these different places (or a cop car, with scarves streaming off the back).

Dunno who else she could get or how much longer this entire tour goes, but if Swift gets Ryan Adams on stage to cover her songs, the Internet might implode. Controlled demolition, read the facts.