Taylor Swift Closed Out Her ‘Saturday Night Live’ Appearance With A Stripped-Down ‘Call It What You Want’

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For the past couple months, all roads have been leading to this weekend for Taylor Swift. After a series of singles that ran a wide range of styles and quality –including the YouTube record-shattering “Look What You Made Me Do”Reputation is finally out in the world, with the first hour sales on iTunes already reported as gigantic.

But the album release is only part of the story. This weekend is also notable for the kickstarting of Swift’s public appearances in support of her sixth full-length. On Thursday night, we got an intimate performance of “New Year’s Day” in conjunction with ABC’s Scandal, and tonight, it’s a couple of songs on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Following her fierce rendition of “…Ready For It?” to kick off the night, Swift opted to bring instruments on stage rather than dancers for her second number. “Call It What You Want” already stood out as the most relaxed of her advance singles, and Swift underscored that by sitting down and playing the song on guitar. Backed by a cello and harmonizing vocalists, Swift managed to present the flip-side of her sound just like she does on ‘Reputation.’ For an album with a distinct duality, it was fitting that Swift’s Saturday Night Live performances followed suit.

Check out the SNL clip of Swift performing “Call It What You Want” above.

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