Google Polled A Bunch Of Teenagers About What Music They Think Is Cool And The Results Are Surprising

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04.03.17 5 Comments


Everybody has those moments where they go “Wow, I’m old.” The come in all shapes and sizes. You might log onto Twitter one day and find out Eminen’s daughter Hailey is grown, in college, and generally being an adult. Or you might see the son of an NBA player you grew up cheating with on NBA Live winning the dunk contest. Life goes on, youth remains puzzling, etc.

The latest dose of this comes straight from Google, who released a scientific poll they did on the strangest sect of our species: Teenagers. Yes, the website you use to answer the random questions that pop into your head throughout the day polled 1,100 teenagers and asked them, in short, what do you think is cool?

Some of the answers aren’t all that surprising. They love their phones, teenager girls are into fashion while teenage boys are into video games and neither one is all that concerned about jobs or money because they’re living the life. Of course, coincidentally, they all seem to love Youtube almost universally, which probably has nothing to do with the fact that Google owns the site. Here are their top pics on music:

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