Tegan And Sara Host An LGBTQ Lip Sync Battle Honoring Prince And David Bowie In ‘Faint Of Heart’

Tegan and Sara continue to kill it with their music videos off of their recent release, Love You to Death. We’ve already seen their video for “BWU,” their single “Boyfriend” made our Song of the Summer bracket, and now we have “Faint Of Heart,” an excellent, jam-packed Lip Sync Battle that stars LGBT artists as Prince, David Bowie and Tegan and Sara.

Of course, this is ultimately promotional material for Tegan and Sara’s single. So while a talent show starring impersonators of Grace Jones, Elvis Presley and Madonna would be awesome, all of the “stars” lip-sync to “Faint of Heart.” The actual Tegan and Sara seem pleased with the job they do, as the Devon Kirkpatrick-directed video cuts to them enjoying their own song in the crowd. Check it out up top.

If that video makes you hungry for more T&S (and it really should), you’re in luck. The duo have been slaying the music video game for quite a while now, producing one of the few non-lame lyric videos and even remaking one of their biggest hits to be about Corgis. Of course, they’re also the driving force behind “Everything Is Awesome” and its appropriately awesome 6-year-old directed music video.

Love You to Death is out now on Warner Bros.

(Via Pitchfork)