Personal Security For Tekashi 69 Would Likely Cost Him Millions Of Dollars

It was previously reported that if Tekashi 69 gets out of prison in early 2020 like he hopes he will, his plan is to resume his music career. That is further evidenced by the recent report that Tekashi has signed a $10 million record deal while still in prison. Once Tekashi is out of prison, there are presumably a lot of people out there who could try to go after him, meaning that hiring personal security will be a must for the rapper. It turns out that this could cost him millions of dollars annually.

Complex reports that multiple security companies has spoken with them about Tekashi’s unique and extreme set of security needs, and have outlined what those services could end up costing the rapper. Shamir Bolivar, CEO of Shadow Group Security and a former bodyguard for Tekashi, explained what 24-hour security protection involves, saying, “It entails around-the-clock, live-in security or a rotation of shifts of agents. Security gets paid to look over their shoulder so their client no longer has to.”

As for the cost, Allen Hollimon, CEO of Nationwide Security Service, says that his company’s standard rate for daily protection is $125 per hour. Over the course of a year, that would come to about $1.09 million, although Hollimon said he would reduce the rate due to the length of the job.

That said, Tekashi could be deemed too high of a risk for many companies to take on: Peter Curcio, COO of Arrow Security, says, “We frequently decline high-risk work that involves entertainment venues, venues that serve alcohol, high-risk individuals, or short-term work that may not provide the long-lasting relationships that we currently enjoy with our portfolio of prestigious clients, because they may have an impact in our insurance premiums, branding, and reasonable safety of employees.”

Meanwhile, the latest development in Tekashi 69’s legal situation is that an associate of his, Mel Murda, has been sentenced to over 100 years in prison.