Tems And J. Cole Face Their Fears To ‘Free Fall’ Into Love On Their New Collaboration

At long last, Tems‘ debut album is finally here. Tonight (June 7), the Nigerian R&B hitmaker has shared Born In The Wild, her long-awaited full-length project. With her years of features, EPs, and viral tracks, Tems delivered on her promise of pure quality. On Born In The Wild is “Free Fall,” a collaboration with J. Cole.

Neither Tems or Cole avoid facing difficult emotions, but on “Free Fall,” the two find themselves confused as to how to move forward with a love that is draining them of their energies.

“Hopeless, in the moment / I free fall straight into you / I don’t know if I can fight what you do in my mind / Or and more can collide with you,” sings Tems on the song’s intro.

Cole hops in, noting that he cam empathize, however, he feels frustrated at the woman’s inability to open up to him.

“Toxic, who would’vе thought whats comin’ was a plot twist / Soon as you let me in, you start hunting for the locksmith / Now thе key I once had to your heart does not fit / I got three choices, bad on your door or lock-pick / Or walk away confused at your logic,” raps Cole on his verse.

Though Cole’s hot streak of verses has recently been called into question, recently with his verse of Cash Cobain’s “Grippy” and his removal of the Kendrick Lamar diss track “7 Minute Drill” from streaming platforms. But with “Free Fall,” he bounces back, and makes a return to melodic, rhythmic form.

And ultimately, Tems’ debut album proves to be worth the wait, and only the beginning of a long, promising career.

You can listen to “Free Fall” above.

Born In The Wild is out now via RCA. Find more information here.