Teyana Taylor Revealed That Her Forthcoming Third Album Is Complete

Teyana Taylor has been long-overdue a moment to shine and she’s hoping that her third album does the trick. After breaking out with VII back in 2014, Taylor returned in 2018 with another strong effort, K.T.S.E., an album that was cut short against her will to fit with the theme of Kanye West’s GOOD Music series in the summer of 2018. Since her second album, Taylor has been hard at work crafting her third album and Friday she shared an exciting update with fans.

Taking over Red Bull Music’s Instagram page to host a virtual screening of her Assembly Required: Teyana Taylor’s House of Petunia and a Q&A session with friend and dance captain, Coco Gilbert, Taylor revealed that her third album was in fact complete. “We’ve been working on the album,” she said. “The album is done—that’s why I look crazy right now. Before I got on with y’all, we literally just did the listening of the album. Y’all gonna be so happy.”

“This album is definitely more of a vibe. I don’t really do fast songs like that,” she continued. “There are some head-boppers. It’s not super-fast. You can dance and you can cry and you can ride.”

Taylor’s announcement comes a couple of days after sharing “Machine” with AI influencer Lil Miquela.