The 1975’s ‘TooTimeTooTimeTooTime’ Perfectly Combines Their Retro Spirit And Contemporary Instincts

With their previous two advance releases for their highly anticipated new album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, The 1975 have run the gamut, including a spirited if forgettable new song (“Give Yourself A Try“) and an anthemic track that is a contender for one of the best of the year (“Love It If We Made It“). On their latest, the brazenly titled “TooTimeTooTimeTooTime,” the band doesn’t aim for some inbetween territory. It’s another thing entirely.

The song doesn’t land that far off from its biggest hit, “Someone Else,” in that it is woozy and romantic at its heart. But the difference lies in how The 1975 have combined contemporary sonics with their retro inclinations. Matt Healy’s vocals drip with autotune, while pulsing rhythms cast the tune as sort of a Peter Gabriel song for 2018. The band is never boring and this release continues that trend. But they’re also revealing themselves to be quite better than most of their critics ever imagined, a rare combination of commercial ambition and weirdo tendencies. And, there might not be a rock band that better encapsulates 2018 — namely, that they barely even sound like a rock band.

Check out The 1975’s “TooTimeTooTimeTooTime” above, and look for their new album, expected out this fall.