The Cure’s Apathetic Response To A Hall Of Fame Interviewer Proves They’re Still Goth Icons

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Seminal ’80s English new wave band The Cure were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Friday night. Frontman Robert Smith showed up to the ceremony in his usual get-up: teased hair, smudgy black eyeshadow, and smeared red lipstick. True to their goth personas, it seemed as though band was dramatically less enthusiastic about their induction than their interviewers.

One excited journalist was particularly taken aback after Smith’s response to her first question. When the interviewer cheerily asked if The Cure were “as excited” as her to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Smith responded apathetically, “By the sounds of it, no.”

Smith went on to tell the interviewer that news of their induction “was a bit of a surprise.”

Fans of The Cure thought Smith’s response was both hilarious and fitting.

The Cure received their Hall of Fame induction by Nine Inch Nails. Their induction coincided with the 40th anniversary of their debut album Three Imaginary Boys in May. Robert Smith ended up giving a heartfelt speech about their 40-year career. When asked about his emotions surrounding The Cure’s debut album turning 40, Robert Smith told Rolling Stone, “It means I’m f*cking old!”

Watch the full interview of The Cure at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.