The Weeknd Takes A Beating In His High-Speed ‘Blinding Lights’ Video

After teasing his new video for “Blinding Lights,” the single that kicked off his upcoming album’s promo cycle in earnest, for the last few days, The Weeknd has made good. The video for “Blinding Lights” appears to pick up where the video for “Heartless” left off, with The Weeknd stumbling out of a Vegas casino after a bender. He climbs into a Mercedes-Benz GT-class convertible for a high-speed joyride through the nighttime streets that ends with a desperate-looking mad dash to get away from some ne’er-do-wells who rough him up and leave him thumbing it home on a freeway overpass.

The Weeknd has been teasing his imminent return with “Chapter VI” for weeks — months, if you include the cryptic tweets he unleashed toward the end of the year. However, with December bringing not only the video for new single “Heartless” but also its late-night television debut, followed by the video for “Blinding Lights,” it looks like The Weeknd is right around the corner. He hasn’t announced the date for the new album just yet, but with two music videos and his coy teasing ramping up every few weeks, an announcement can’t be too far away now.

Watch the video for “Blinding Lights” above.