The Weeknd’s ‘Die For You’ Video Is A Teenage Love Story Spiked With Telekinesis And Escape

Although The Weekend’s last album, Starboy, came out five years ago now, he’s not quite done with reminding the world how influential it was. In a new video for “Die For You, that celebrates the project’s fifth anniversary, a baby Weeknd is a special, telekinetic young man who is captured by the government –— or similar powers that be — in order to harness his powers for their ends. Ever resilient, the young Weeknd escapes, and is rescued by a young woman, and they quickly fall for each other as glow-in-the-dark stars come alive off the walls and dance around the room.

But, like plenty of young lovers before them, the pair are discovered before their relationship can even begin to blossom, and gas-mask-clad government goons find the Weeknd and try to bring him back under their control. Except, they forgot about his telekinesis, so he easily outsmarts them and soars up into the sky holding a glowing red cross. Not too shabby for a teen Weeknd. Check out the directed by Christian Breslauer-directed video up top.

To further celebrate the album’s anniversary, Abel Tesfaye collaborated with John Ross’s Seventh Heaven on a five-piece limited-edition collection. The capsule collection includes a hoodie, a short sleeve tee, two “premium handmade jackets in leather and denim” with Seventh Heaven’s signature motif, and a “padded 3D cross.” Doubling down on that symbol from the album era, a cross-shaped shoulder bag is also available.

The capsule is available here starting at 3 PM today. Tees begin at $75 and prices range up to $800 for the leather jacket.