The Weeknd Postpones His ‘After Hours’ Tour So He Can Upgrade From Arenas To Stadiums

Due to the “constraints of arenas,” The Weeknd has postponed his After Hours Tour dates and announced that new dates will be forthcoming in 2022. The singer apparently got a taste for the scale a stadium performance can bring after performing at the 2021 Super Bowl and wants to bring that to the tour he has planned for his latest album.

“The tour dates are moving and will commence in the summer of 2022,” he wrote in his social media announcement. “Due to constraints of arenas and the demand for more shows I want to do something bigger and special for you which requires stadiums. Current tickets will be refunded automatically and all ticket holders will be given priority to buy tickets for the stadium shows when they go on sale. New dates forthcoming.”

Prior to announcing the postponement, The Weeknd suggested that his next “full body of work” could arrive before the tour — something that now seems like a near certainty, if the dates have been pushed back for him to move up to bigger venues. More recently, he intimated that the project is already complete and is only awaiting a few features. Meanwhile, he’s also working on an HBO show titled The Idol, so perhaps the additional wait for the tour will give him the leeway to get all this work off his calendar.