The Weeknd Taps Rosalía For A New Spanish-Infused ‘Blinding Lights’ Remix

A few days ago was the one-year anniversary of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” which amazingly hasn’t really moved that far off the peak of the charts. Even more amazingly, it didn’t rack up a single Grammy nomination despite being perhaps the year’s biggest song. Whatever the case, The Weeknd is continuing to celebrate the track, doing so today with a new remix featuring Rosalía.

The track doesn’t have any big aesthetic changes or compositional changes beyond slotting Rosalía in here and there. She adds new vocal contributions throughout the song, including an opening verse that translates to, “I tried to call / I’ve been alone a lot, actually / Maybe you teach me how to love / Maybe / I no longer consume nothing / And you won’t have to do too much / If you touch me you will light me up / Baby.”

As for Rosalía, she has had a relatively quiet year. That might be because she has resisted the pressure to force creativity during the pandemic, as she said previously, “There’s this kind of pressure to be creative or busy most of the time, with lots of activities and progress, and I’m trying to run from that. I’m trying to do things that help keep me mentally healthy, and if that includes making music, then great. But I won’t lie — there are days when I just watch a show and eat a packet of cookies.”

Listen to the new “Blinding Lights” remix above.