The Weeknd Has Chosen His Favorite Meme From The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Weeknd put on quite the show a few days ago with his Super Bowl halftime performance. There was one moment, though, that led to some memes: the part of the show where he was stumbling around a brightly lit and mirror-covered room, seemingly confused. There were plenty of memes and now The Weeknd himself has chosen his favorite of them.

TikTok personality Denzel Crisp shared a video based on the paternity tests and reveals often featured on Maury. In the clip, a woman claims The Weeknd is the father of her child, and footage of him from the halftime show, that makes it look like he’s talking back and acting shocked backstage, is spliced in. The effect works well, and when The Shade Room re-posted the clip on Instagram, The Weeknd took to the comments to write, “naw this is definitely the BEST one [crying laughing emoji].” The Instagram account for Maury even got in on the fun, responding to The Weeknd’s comment with an emoji of eyes.


The day after the performance, The Weeknd offered his reflection on it, writing, “still buzzing from last night. i couldn’t stop smiling the whole performance. thank you [Pepsi, the NFL, and Roc Nation] for believing in me to bring a fresh new take on the halftime show. XO we did it !”

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