Thom Yorke Does Not Need Radiohead To Be Brilliant

Managing Editor, Music

Over the weekend, Thom Yorke attended the Star Wars premiere and posed with the adorable BB-8 robot on the red carpet, showing both a sense of humor and connection to pop culture that is rare from the musical legend. For a moment, Yorke was every bit the same type of fan that he must experience daily, particularly as he’s become one of the most obsessed over figures in contemporary music. Sure, he’s the frontman to the legendary rock group Radiohead, but there is something more about Yorke that makes him both memeable and so utterly respected, the kind of man that everyone wants to listen to as soon as he opens his mouth and pour over every bit of music that he releases.

This morning, his band was snubbed for entry into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but the funny thing is that Radiohead and Yorke would rather push forward than look backward.

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