Former Employees Of T.I.’s Restaurant Are Suing Over Their Final Paychecks

07.07.16 2 years ago

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Rapper T.I. is no stranger to legal woes and some not-so-smart business moves, but now the hip hop mogul is getting hit with a lawsuit from twelve employees at Scales 925, an upscale Southern cuisine restaurant T.I. owns, located in downtown Atlanta.

According to The Atlanta-Journal Constitutionthe lawsuit was filed on Tuesday and mentions T.I., whose real is Clifford Harris Jr., and his business partner Charles Hughes for failing to give employees their final paychecks. According to the lawsuit, management at Scales 925 “threatened to call the police” when former employees demanded their final paychecks. Employees also claim that they were not paid overtime wages and that money would be taken out of their checks to pay for busboys and other ‘incidentals.’

T.I. and his business partner are also accused of having employees work off the clock for up to three hours before being allowed to go home. Billboard reached out to the restaurant for comment and said in an email, “We are aware of the filing. We take allegations like this seriously and are looking into the matter.” So far, T.I. has been silent regarding the lawsuit. Scales 925 was in the news last year after NBA player Glen Rice Jr. was shot following an argument he had while eating at the restaurant.

(Via Atlanta Journal Constitution/Billboard)

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