Tierra Whack Flies A Lego Rocketship In Her Imaginative ‘Link’ Video

Despite her battle rap roots, Philly artist Tierra Whack has become better known for her imaginative videos over the past few years, beginning with the colorful Whack World and including clips such as “Dora” and “Unemployed.” As there is perhaps no greater symbol of the limitless power of imagination than Lego, it’s only right that the interlocking blocks feature prominently in her latest video, “Link.”

In the video, she builds one of the most common Lego creations that just about every kid has put together with the blocks, a spaceship, with the help of some colorful, abstract-looking alien friends. She launches the ship to explore space, only to quickly end of missing her friends and attempting to return. Unfortunately, a flaw in her ship’s design — and isn’t there always one of those? — makes getting back even more of an adventure than she expected.

According to a press release, the lighthearted video was shot in partnership with Lego as part of Lego Group’s Rebuild The World Campaign. Schoolkids from Whack’s hometown helped put the video together, from adding their own sound effects to designing rocket and structures in the video. Whack says of working with the kids, “I was so excited to work with kids because their energy is fun, exhilarating, never-ending, and full of surprises. I really trusted them, and I knew they were going to come up with something great.”

Watch Tierra Whack’s “Link” video above.