‘SNL’ Shows Cardi B, Kit Harington, And Eminem’s Failed Auditions For The Live Action ‘Lion King’ Film

The announcement for the cast of The Lion King live action film blew plenty of people away, especially once they found out Beyonce would be involved as the voice Nala. The rest of the cast includes names like Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, and the returning James Earl Jones, but SNL wants you to know the film could’ve featured plenty of other different names. Not only do we get to see a prime John Oliver impression — which is odd considering he is actually in the movie — but Cardi B and Offset possibly steal the show this time around.

These type of sketches are always a lot of fun for the impressions that the cast gets to bring out, even if Kevin Spacey has ruined the classic Star Wars auditions sketch in hindsight. Lin-Manuel Miranda , Kit Harington, and Oprah are all there on the basic end, but then we’re hit with some of oddballs like Sterling K. Brown, Kristen Schall, and Eminem looking to blast out a new freestyle.

James Corden might be one of the more spot on aspects of the sketch, especially if you have to watch him nightly and could easily see the real version doing this exact thing to Simba.

(Via SNL)