Toosii And DaBaby Would Rather Send Shots Than ‘Shop’ In A Tough-Talking New Video

Last night, Raleigh, North Carolina rapper Toosii released his mixtape, Thank You For Believing, his third project since February of 2020. The tape, which followed his star-making debut album Poetic Pain, arrived with more than a little fanfare, as listeners tweeting about the project momentarily launched Toosii to a higher position on Twitter’s trending topics chart than even J. Cole. He also shared the first video from the project, “Shop” featuring his fellow South Coast Music Group artist DaBaby.

The song sees Toosii and DaBaby relaying their tough-guy credentials, insisting they’d be more likely to shoot down a foe than waste money on a woman. The video mostly tracks with this concept, as a clubgoing Toosii puts the pause on his mack game to put his paws on a player hater. The beat features an easygoing acoustic guitar loop much like the one on DaBaby’s No. 1 single “Rockstar,” somewhat belying the menacing subject matter and ensuring that “Shop” will be a catchy hit despite its dismissive view of the violence the two rappers are ready to commit.

If the song does become a hit, it’ll be Toosii’s second huge smash after 2020’s “Sapiosexual” put him on the radar as one of 2021’s top artists to watch. His “What It Cost” video is worth a look, too.

Watch Toosii and DaBaby’s “Shop” video above.

Thank You For Believing is out now via South Coast Music Group. Get it here.