Toro Y Moi Says We’re All A ‘Lil Racist’ And Violence Is The Real Problem (Updated)

03.06.17 2 years ago

Andrew Paynter

Update: After facing backlash for his tweets on race, Bundick deleted the tweet the caused the most ire, about mixed race individuals having a “better view of the world” and uploaded an apology saying “my comments lacked the nuance that this complex issue deserves.”

Original story below.

It seems to be a a cathartic process to release a stream of tweets late at night or early in the morning. Almost every day we get some unconfirmed, wild tweets from the President, and last night Chazwick Bundick of Toro y Moi was up to bat. “Can’t we all just be racist together?” he asked as a start of what turned out to be a stream of similarly-minded tweets about racism after the performer’s Chevron Festival Gardens show in Perth, Australia.

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