Travis Scott Reflects On Wise Words That ‘Mentor’ Jay-Z Once Told Him

Travis Scott is the cover star of XXL‘s Winter 2019 issue, but instead of the expected interview, Scott wrote the feature himself. He touches on multiple topics in the piece, including his relationship with Jay-Z.

Scott called Jay-Z a “mentor,” saying:

“Jay-Z has always been a mentor to me. I met Jay-Z a long time ago, around Magna Carta Holy Grail. I have always kept in touch with him. I remember something he said: ‘We were born rich. Money doesn’t equate to rich in spirit. Money doesn’t equate any of that. We are just trying to obtain a certain level of wealth in our communities.’ That’s what it’s about. That comes with pushing an agenda.”

He went on to explain what his agenda is, saying, “My agenda is to give everyone like me a voice and opportunities. We are about to hit 2020. I came in around 2012. My success wasn’t overnight. Now I feel like people are understanding more of what I have been trying to do since 2012. It’s just more about creativity and design now and being able to help with certain things in this life that people deal with every day.”

Scott also spoke about some other artists he admires and listens to, including Kid Cudi, Genesis, Aphex Twin, Röyksopp, James Blake (“one of my favorite artists of all time”), and Björk, who he called “f*ckin’ fire.”

Read the full feature here.