Travis Scott Is Reportedly Expecting His Second Child With Kylie Jenner

Talk about a productive year; in 2021, Travis Scott not only launched his successful seltzer brand Cacti, entered the world of cannabis, and revived his exceedingly popular Astroworld Festival, selling out tickets in just an hour, but now, he’s also got another big announcement. No, it’s not a Utopia release date, although we’re sure that’s coming soon as well. It’s another baby with Kylie Jenner, with whom he also recently reunited in an “open” relationship.

TMZ reports that the couple is expecting their second child, according to a source with “direct knowledge.” While the due date is as-yet-unknown, TMZ notes that hints have popped up throughout the summer, such as Kylie avoiding certain foods while wearing baggier-than-usual clothing and Caitlyn Jenner revealing that one of her kids was expecting. The news makes the couple’s first child, three-year-old Stormi, a big sister in waiting, and Travis one of multiple hip-hop artists currently awaiting a second child, including Cardi B, who announced her pregnancy during the 2021 BET Awards.

Travis’s successful 2021 built on the momentum of an equally successful 2020 in which he partnered with McDonald’s and Epic Games for several wildly popular projects. In addition to the above endeavors, Travis is also reportedly producing a film companion to his upcoming album.