The Travis Scott Meal Was So Popular That It Helped Lift McDonald’s Out Of A Pandemic Sales Slump

Travis Scott’s collaboration with McDonald’s was a big deal, but since it was only a limited time affair, it has come and gone. It turns out that from the restaurant’s point of view, the endeavor was a big success.

According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s revealed today that comparable sales at US restaurants rose 4.6 percent from July to September compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, in the previous quarter (April to June, compared to a year earlier), US sales were down 8.7 percent as dine-in options were temporarily halted at the beginning of the pandemic. The restaurant chain attributes this growth to faster drive-through speeds and the Scott collaboration.

The meal certainly proved popular while it was available. At one point, the restaurant actually had to make a change to how the meal was ordered, and they were even running out of some ingredients because people were buying them up so quickly.

The McDonald’s collab consisted of much more than just the meal, though. Scott offered a ton of merch options through his website, some of which were more outlandish than others (shout out to the McNugget pillow). There was even a Scott action figure available, but not without a catch.