Travis Scott Narrates The Adventurous New PS5 Launch Trailer

Not long after Travis Scott’s big partnership with McDonald’s, it was revealed that the next huge company the rapper would be teaming up with is Sony, on Playstation things. Today, the company unveiled their launch trailer for the PS5 (which comes out on November 12), and sure enough, Scott narrates it.

In the video, which is titled “Play Has No Limits,” There is dramatic footage of space launches, scientific advances, and explorers of sea, sky, mountains, space, deserts, and beyond. Over all that, Scott narrates, “Exploration: It’s in our DNA. There’s something inside each and every one of us that compels us to know the unknown, to push past every frontier. We want to see what’s never been seen, hear what’s never been heard, feel what’s never been felt. There are no limits to where we’ll go, to what we’ll discover, to what we’ll achieve. We are all explorers and there are new worlds to explore.”

Scott previously shared a statement about the partnership, saying, “I’m really looking forward to being able to showcase everything that Cactus Jack has worked on with Sony and the Playstation team. Most importantly I’m excited to see how the Playstation fans and family respond, and I look forward to running some games with everybody very soon!”

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