An Exclusive Portrait Gallery From Behind-The-Scenes At Treefort Music Festival

Andrew W.K., Philip Cosores for Uproxx

Treefort Music Festival just wrapped up its seventh edition in Boise, Idaho, bringing a diverse lineup of exceptional music acts to the city’s numerous venues. Artists like George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Built To Spill, and Typhoon graced the event’s main outdoor stage, while the likes of Rapsody, Princess Nokia, Haley Heynderickx, and Pussy Riot appeared in clubs throughout the city. And music was only part of the overall programming, with activities at Alefort, Filmfort, Storyfort, Hackfort, Comedyfort, and even Yogafort filling up the days and nights of both out-of-town visitors and locals. Treefort is one of the few festivals that seemingly takes over the whole city, with businesses catering to the increased foot traffic and taking advantage of Boise’s moment to shine.

There was more to take in than any one person could possibly attempt, and over the course of the week, a number of artists were kind enough to spend a little time with Uproxx for exclusive portraits. Check out photos of the likes of Andrew W.K., U.S. Girls, Jamila Woods, Titus Andronicus, Oddisee & Good Company, Faustina Masigat, Zola Jesus, and The Regrettes, who let Uproxx tag along to the March For Our Lives protest at the state capitol building.

Jamila Woods, Philip Cosores for Uproxx
Oddisee, Philip Cosores for Uproxx

Titus Andronicus, Philip Cosores for Uproxx

The Regrettes, Philip Cosores for Uproxx
Zola Jesus, Philip Cosores for Uproxx
U.S. Girls, Philip Cosores for Uproxx

Faustina Masigat, Philip Cosores for Uproxx

Andrew W.K., Philip Cosores for Uproxx
Oddisee & Good Company, Philip Cosores for Uproxx