Your Guide To A Hectic, Blissful Treefort Festival

03.11.19 5 months ago

Aaron Rodriguez

Treefort is for everyone. Nice sentiment, right? That’s the welcoming vibe this music, art, and creative fest — held from March 20-24 in Boise, Idaho — creates. It’s also the exact welcoming mood we want to ride straight into spring, the mantra of a festival that gives folks of all stripes a good reason to come together for an event that feels good, exudes positive energy, and inspires great swells of creativity.

This is a festival that fits perfectly in its state (Idaho) and season (spring). Summer is whispering in our ears. The cold will break, the snow will melt, and the sky will clear. With warmer weather comes another feeling. The need for living with reckless abandon, for nights under the starry sky, for cold drinks and dancing. For those living in the Pacific Northwest, Treefort Music Festival is the first sign of spring. Like an early tulip, predicting that the season will soon shift, that color will come back to the forest, that there are endless outdoor adventures soon to be had.

The five-day music and arts festival is an SXSW-style event in which music is held in shops, bars, and restaurants across town. In addition to being able to wander into pretty much any venue and hear live music every night, there is also a slew of other “forts” and lineups that give the music a run for its money. Comedyfort, Filmfort, Storyfort, Foodfort, Kidsfort, Hackfort, and the much celebrated and always sold out Yogafort are all hits in their own right.

Here’s our guide to keeping track of it all and having an awesome Treefort Fest!


Get your tickets

They’re on sale for $220 right now and you can also get day-of passes at the event. There are two different levels — a classic festival pass and the zip line pass. The zip line pass puts you in a fast track line at crowded venues, you can bypass the waiting and get into to see those shows that might otherwise fill up before you get in. However, the classic pass is more than enough as one of the great parts of this festival is setting yourself on cruise control and discovering the lesser known artists of the festival.

You can also buy a separate pass to specific forts if, say, you only want to do yoga all weekend.

Download the app

The Treefort app makes for seamless festival-ing. Prior to arrival, you can listen to their playlists — which feature all artists the who will be performing. As soon as you hear something you like you can add it to your schedule. The app designs a schedule for you based on what you want to attend and maps out your day for you. You can add events from any of the forts for five days filled to the brim.

Combine your schedule and share it with your friends making it easier to link up through the weekend.

Book Travel Plans

Whether you walk, fly, or drive your music-loving art-seeking self to Boise, just get there. If you’re going to fly book a flight in BOI, downtown is super close to the airport and everything at Treefort is within walking distance, so you don’t need to rent a car. If your spot is a bit outside of downtown you can Uber into the festival because parking is… not so fun.

If you’re planning on driving then get on this big internet of ours and find people to carpool with. The more the merrier! Make those plans and make ’em now — you know you’ve got that wild friend who is down to jump in the car and drive to something they’ve never even heard of, hit her up!

Find a place to stay

Strapped for cash? Check out couch surfing, because people in Boise are ultra-generous. Airbnb is a hot item. If you want a whole house in a cute neighborhood near the festival, check out the North End. Want something a little cheaper? Get a spot up on the bench. There’s a great hostel called Tony’s Place that’s a 5 minute Uber to downtown. When it comes to hotels, there are plenty of new, funky options.

Boise is the fastest growing city in the country and the landscape of downtown shows it. Our personal fave is the lowbrow Safari Inn for it’s proximity to the main stage.

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