Tyga Takes It Back To The Roaring ’20s In His ‘Bop’ Video With YG And Blueface

Tyga takes it back to the Roaring ’20s with a flapper-filled video for his new single ‘Bop’ featuring YG and Blueface. The three LA rappers have been on a roll lately, with Tyga releasing new album Legendary and YG releasing 4Real 4Real in the last few months and Blueface gearing up to release his own project in the coming weeks, so it’s only right the three premiere west coast party rappers link up to rap about their favorite subject: Loose women — in this case, “bops.”

Giving the video a throwback theme presents some obvious opportunities for fun wardrobe selections, sticking the three men in zoot suits while surrounding them with flapper-themed dancers, but the best part of the whole thing is probably Tyga’s perm. There’s also a wedding scene where Tyga plays both groom and the pimped-out pastor, trading bars back-and-forth before leaving his lingerie-clad bride at the altar. Blueface’s verse is also likely to make haters mad, but it doesn’t look like the XXL Freshman is all that pressed about outside opinions as he does his signature bustdown dance in a blue fur coat.

There’s no info on where “Bop” might land for the time being, since Tyga just released an album, but if it winds up just being a loose single, he can always go the Drake route in ten years and drop off his own Care Package playlist.