Tyler The Creator Loves Donald Glover’s ‘3.15.20’ But Hates The Way He Released It

Tyler The Creator only sporadically uses Twitter for more than quick bursts of project promo but when he does, it always turns out to be insightful or hilarious (sometimes both). Today, he popped on to share some of his favorite songs of 2020, which include Buju Banton’s “Cherry Pie,” Sault’s “Little Boy,” and Childish Gambino‘s “24.19.”

When a fan followed up to agree with Tyler’s assessment of Gambino’s track and lament that the album it came from, 3.15.20, didn’t get more attention from the public, Tyler explained his rationale for its lukewarm reception. “Cause he tried to be all secret and cryptic like a dickf*ck,” he opined. The result, he says, is “people missed out on some really cool sh*t, to me at least.”

He also wound up giving some insight into other faves. “Cherry Pie,” which features Tyler’s longtime hero and inspiration Pharrell, made the list because “P hasn’t hit vocal runs like that in yearsssssss. As a fan, it was like seeing MJ moonwalk again after years of not doing it.”

However, when one fan nitpicked his eclectic list, Tyler was quick to set them straight. “I’m confused, these are MY picks, that I like,” he reminded the out-of-pocket commenter. “You don’t need to know anything.” To another fan who seemed confused by Tyler’s tweet format — which, tbh, was a little bit messy for the uninitiated — he quipped, “It’s not ‘codes’ because you aren’t familiar, they’re right there with titles. Make yourself familiar.” Good advice for the peanut gallery and really, for anyone who considers themselves a music fan.

There’s a lot of great stuff out there and as Tyler says, being open-minded is the key to staying well-informed and catching some “really cool sh*t” — such as Tyler’s recent collab with Compton House-Hop star Channel Tres, “Fuego.” Check it out.