Tyler The Creator Gives A Fiery Performance Of ‘Earfquake’ In His New Video With Tracee Ellis Ross

After much teasing, Tyler The Creator has released his latest album, Igor, today. It’s an enigmatic and visually distinct record, as he showed in the many video snippets he shared ahead of the release, and now he has expanded on that with a new video for “Earfquake.”

The clip begins with Tracee Ellis Ross playing a low-budget TV show host named Pearl Edwards. She introduces Tyler, and she says his blonde wig is “the friendliest hair I have ever seen in my life.” After asking Tyler to not smoke cigarettes during his performance, he begins, starting with an awkward stage presence before breaking out of his shell some and taking advantage of the space. Stagehands wheel in a piano, which Tyler starts playing as a suspicious plume of smoke starts to form. Sure enough, everything catches fire, just as Ross had feared.

It’s a goody video, and Tyler wrote of it in a pair of tweets, “the wonderful ms tracy ellis ross everyone. this video is so stupid but sick.”

Last night, Tyler also gave instructions for how his fans should experience Igor, suggesting that they eliminate distractions and allow themselves to form their own opinions about the record.

Watch the “Earfquake” video above.

Igor is out now via Columbia. Get it here.