Tyler The Creator Shared Yet Another ‘Igor’ Teaser Video, This Time For ‘New Magic Wand’

Lately, Tyler The Creator has been teasing the heck out of his new album, Igor, which is set for release this Friday, May 17. Now he’s returned with another preview of the record via a short clip titled “New Magic Wand.”

The video opens with Tyler wearing a similar all-yellow outfit to the one he wore in yesterday’s “A Boy Is A Gun” teaser, although this time he’s sporting a blonde mushroom cut/bowl cut/short bob hairstyle. Tyler performs the song on a stage with a blue backdrop, repeating the phrase, “Please don’t leave me now,” and after a few seconds of that, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal that he’s performing in a desert to an audience of four moshing people. Tyler then runs away from the scene, seemingly to nowhere. He captioned the video, “best concert of all time, thanks santigold.” Shortly after sharing the clip, he also tweeted, “like magic, gone. new magic wand.”

So far, Tyler’s album previews have teased an album filled with diversity. For instance, yesterday’s “A Boy Is A Gun” teaser was soulful and inspired by old-school hip-hop, while “New Magic Wand” goes in a more modern and electronic-influenced direction, although it retains the soul influence in the clip’s final seconds.

Watch the “New Magic Wand” teaser clip above.

Igor is out 05/17 via Columbia.