Tyler The Creator Joins The Navy With ASAP Rocky And Kali Uchis In His Wistful ‘See You Again’ Video

Tyler The Creator is still promoting his last album, Flower Boy, a year later, releasing behind-the-scenes photos via Instagram and cutting room leftovers on his Twitter. Now, he gets back to a conventional promotional tactic with the stunningly-shot, self-directed video to Flower Boy single, “See You Again.”

In the video, Tyler The Creator and ASAP Rocky portray a pair of Naval recruits on an aircraft character as Tyler melancholically goes through his daily routine. Guest singer Kali Uchis gets marooned on a lifeboat in a raincoat while Tyler performs on the deck in front of a parade formation and fighter jets, showing off a Golf Le Fleur coverall that clashes nicely with the uniformed dancers behind him. As director, Tyler throws in some nifty lighting tricks and camera work, especially as he “walks” on the heads of the dancers, then the scene switches to a landlocked Tyler performing amid a campsite clad in a white sheet like a throwback ghost Halloween costume. The sheet is pulled away, only to reveal that the whole time, Tyler’s been made of bees. It’s a trippy effect which plays on the rapper’s wicked sense of humor and the bee motif attached to Flower Boy.

Tyler has been a busy bee himself. Aside from offering up Flower Boy throwaways, he’s been on a lyrical tear of late as well, demolishing the “Knock Knock” beat with ASAP Rocky and dropping world-stopping freestyles left and right.