Tyler The Creator Teases Another Soulful ‘Igor’ Song With A Surreal Short Video

Getty Image

There’s a lot of teasing going on in Tyler The Creator‘s world lately and to be honest, it’s working. May 17 can’t get here soon enough. That’s when Tyler’s new album, Igor, is scheduled to release in full, so we can all finally hear the completed new tunes after Tyler spent the last two weeks killing us all with the suspense. He hasn’t shared song titles or track information, just short teaser clips that revealed a little bit of his new musical direction and the frankly awesome album cover for Igor itself. Check out the latest teaser below.

It looks like Tyler has been getting really into old-school hip-hop lately, with the backing tracks for each of the teased songs relying heavily on breakbeats or in the case above, on looped soul samples — two of the staples of mid-90s, Golden Era rap classics. In the video clip, Tyler climbs a seemingly endless ladder into the clouds above an abstract city scape before releasing his grip halfway up and taking a tumble back toward the ground just as the clip smash cuts to black.

Tyler’s tweet for the video, which was captioned “a boy is a gun*,” drew enthusiastic reactions from fans as well, some of whom drew the parallel between Tyler’s latest clip and Kevin Abstract’s teaser for Arizona Baby from a few weeks ago. Igor releases this Friday via Columbia Records.