U2 Share Four Different Remixes Of Their Song ‘Summer Of Love’ In A New EP

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You’ve got to give U2 this: they’re never content to rest on their laurels. Just eight months after finally dropping their latest album Songs Of Experience, the Irish rock group today decided to give their fans a little bit more from that project in the form of a brand new EP that’s filled with four remixes of one of the standout songs “Summer Of Love.”

One version was put together by the German DJ and producer Robin Schulz. Another was taken on by the British producers TILT. A third was cooked up by the band’s longtime collaborator Howie B who co-produced their 1997 album Pop, and the final version was made by HP Hoeger and Rusty Egan, who worked on the band’s last remix project for the song “Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way.”

Currently, U2 are prepping for a continuation of their Experience + Innocence tour that’s set to touch down in Europe at the end of this month. The band spent most of the early summer performing mostly newer material in basketball arenas across the U.S. and Canada after having filled stadiums the previous summer by playing their seminal album The Joshua Tree from front to back.

U2’s Summer of Love (Remixes EP) is out now and you can listen here. Check the cover art and full tracklist below.


1. “Summer of Love (Robin Schulz Remix)”
2. “Summer Of Love (TILT & Danny Stubbs Perfecto Remix)”
3. “Summer Of Love (Beach Me Howie B Remix)”
4. “Summer of Love (HP Hoeger Rusty Egan Driftaway Mix)”