Los Angeles U2 Fans Faced Nightmare Traffic At The Forum Last Night, And Many Missed The Show Altogether

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It’s a nightmare situation for any serious music fan. You plunked down your hard-earned money on concert tickets — and if it’s a bigger act, probably a pretty big chunk of money — you’ve waited for weeks and months for the show to arrive, and then, just as you approach the venue on the given night, a traffic jam of monster proportions stops you in your tracks. You can see the venue. It’s right there! And yet, you can’t break through the line of cars to make it into the parking lot. The night goes on, the band hits the stage and you aren’t there.

Such was the case for hundreds of U2 fans stuck in their cars outside of the LA Forum last night, hoping to catch the Irish rocker’s triumphant return to the LA area after their much-heralded Joshua Tree, stadium tour last year. While there hasn’t been any word from city officials why traffic appeared to be especially bad last night — it’s never great — for those stuck in the morass, it was sheer torture watching the clock tick down, knowing they were missing out on seeing the band. As people do in the 21st century, many took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Let’s hope things run a little smoother for U2’s show at the Forum tonight.