Report: The U.S. Government Warned Sweden Of ‘Negative Consequences’ If ASAP Rocky Wasn’t Released From Prison

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A recent development in ASAP Rocky’s high profile case came Friday when a judge ruled the rapper was allowed to leave prison and travel while awaiting an official verdict. Rocky landed safely in LA Friday night. Many applauded the judge for forgoing prosecutors’ wishes, but a new report from the New York Times says the US government may have gotten themselves involved. A US official sent the Swedish government a letter on July 31st warning of “negative consequences” if Rocky remained behind bars.

According to the report, a letter signed by special envoy for hostage affairs Robert O’Brien told Sweden that the relationship between the US and their country could be altered if Rocky remained in prison. “The government of the United States of America wants to resolve this case as soon as possible to avoid potentially negative consequences to the U.S.-Swedish bilateral relationship,” O’Brien wrote.

Swedish prosecutor-general, Petra Lundh, replied to the letter on August 1st by saying the Swedish Constitution prevents the government from influencing the trial. “When a person is charged and the case is brought before a court, only the court can decide, during or after the trial, whether or not to release the person or decide on supervised detention,” Lundh wrote.

O’Brien was sent to Sweden by the orders of President Trump, who called for an “immediate humanitarian release” of Rocky and his crew. Trump has been vocal about the rapper’s case and even told the Swedish Prime Minister he would personally vouch for his bail.

Rocky’s verdict will be read in court on August 14th.