Usher Throws A Classy Soiree In His Elegant ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ Video With Ella Mai

Usher throws a classy soiree in his elegant “Don’t Waste My Time” video with Ella Mai, which features cameos from Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Jamie Kennedy, Evan Ross, Christian “King” Combs, and more. The video, produced by Popp Rok and directed by Lesean Harris, finds Usher making preparations for his get-together, which include choosing an outfit, checking on the menu — prepared by Snoop Dogg, naturally — and securing the first two drinks of the evening.

While Snoop chefs it up in the kitchen, JD DJs by the pool, a synchronized swim team entertains, and guests dance the night away while gate-crasher Jamie Kennedy struggles to make it past the doorman. The video ends with a choreographed line dance and is interspersed with party stills of guests cavorting, laughing, and drinking. The credits at the end of the video list the full roster of high-profile guests, from R&B singer Eric Bellinger to Justin and King Combs, and concludes with a top-down shot of a stylish tile floor.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Usher spoke fondly of his collaborator Ella Mai, saying, “I genuinely am a fan of her voice, and also felt like the song was perfect for both of us. The more I listened to ‘Don’t Waste My Time,’ I felt like it was missing a female’s perspective. So we flipped it up, changed the second verse to a female’s story, and I felt like she was great for it. I reached out to her, and it took a minute, but we finally managed to get in the room with each other, and the rest is becoming history.”

Watch the video for “Don’t Waste My Time” above.

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