Vampire Weekend’s Jonah Hill-Directed ‘Sunflower’ Video Is A Dizzying Spin Through New York

Vampire Weekend have released the video for their new song “Sunflower.” The track, which features The Internet‘s Steve Lacy, is already more star-studded than VW tend to get (the group doesn’t tend toward collabs). But the video, directed by Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill, is packed with legends.

Hill, who directed the coming-of-age dramedy Mid90s last year, films the “Sunflower” video in dizzying Dutch angles. In split screens, each tipping dramatically, VW frontman Ezra Koenig and Lacy get a bite to eat at New York’s legendary market Zabar’s. The dramatic camerawork is merited, though — they run into hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy and Jerry Seinfeld, as one does in New York, apparently. The stylized cinematography and celebrity appearances make the two-minute video feel a lot longer, but the trippy, meandering vibe of the video suits the jam-band-influenced song perfectly.

“Sunflower” is one of four tracks that VW have shared from their upcoming album Father Of The Bride. Last month, the group shared the video for “Harmony Hall,” which features Jonah Hill in cameo. Every month until the album comes out, the band will release two more additional songs from the album. Maybe April will also bring a full-on Seinfeld reunion?

Father Of The Bride is due out May 3 via Columbia. Watch the video for “Sunflower” above.