Vanilla Ice Unsurprisingly Thinks The ’90s Was ‘The Greatest Decade Ever Before Computers Ruined The World’

The ’90s — specifically, the year 1990 — was a great time to be Robert Matthew Van Winkle, who is better known as Vanilla Ice. His major label debut album, To The Extreme, was No. 1, as was his career-defining single “Ice Ice Baby.” He hasn’t experienced a high level of commercial success with his music since then, though, so it’s understandable that he looks back on the time fondly. He took it to the extreme recently, though, by declaring that no decade since the ’90s has been as good because computers have “ruined the world.”

In a new TMZ video, the person behind the camera asked Ice why everybody is “so infatuated with the ’90s.” With no hesitation, Ice responded, “Because it was the greatest decade ever before computers ruined the world. You have to realize that in 2004, the iPhone came out, right? What’s happened in pop culture since 2004 to ’21? Nothing! It’s the lost generation. Pop culture’s dead! So [it was] the last generation where pop culture was alive where you had fashion that actually mimicked the music.”

Although the rapper continues to perform live, his most recent album was 2011’s W.T.F. (Wisdom, Tenacity And Focus). He also makes occasional movie appearances, like in the 2020’s The Wrong Missy and 2017’s Sandy Wexler.