Vince Staples’ New ‘Are You With That?’ Video Illuminates The Unsettling Nature Of Surveillance

Vince Staples has been back lately in a big way, even though he never left. The Long Beach-raised rapper is brutally honest enough to talk about the way the music industry monetizes people’s struggles, and on the heels of releasing his latest full-length album, Vince Staples, he’s shared another new video for “Are You With That?” The video follows up earlier singles like “Law Of Averages,” oh and an explosive LA Leakers freestyle, giving fans more of what they were hoping for in the lead up to the new project.

In the first half of the clip, Vince is portrayed under glaring spotlight in a number of mundane situations, doubling down on the unsettling nature of surveillance, and the way Black people are scrutinized in a specific way, especially those who grew up in neighborhoods like Vince did. In the second half, Vince portrays the process of burying and holding vigils for his friends in an even more explicit way, showing himself deeper and deeper in a grave each scene. Vince Staples came out last Friday, but it’s only one of several projects Vince is working on lately. He’s also previewed his graphic novel Limbo Beach and teased yet another new musical project, Ramona Park Broke My Heart to follow up this record. Check out the new video above and stream his new record here.