Vince Staples Enlisted His Mom To Have His Back Against Internet Haters — With Hilarious Results

Is there anyone better at the internet than Vince Staples? At least in the realm of hip-hop, there are very few who can hold a candle to his posting game (his live show is pretty great, too). He knows just how to get a rise out of people, make jokes, and offer helpful and necessary cultural commentary when needed. However, that’s not what he was up to tonight.

Instead, his focus right now was on some internet haters, ones who would not stop falsely claiming that his mother has recently laid hands on him. The claim, Staples states, is simply false. The Long Beach rapper posted a snippet of a text conversation the two had about said haters, and Vince confirmed his case with a material witness to the truth.

“Mama these n—-s on Twitter trying to say you was just beating my ass,” Vince texted. “Can you please tell them I ain’t get a whooping since the 90s and I been turnt up since birth.” Not one to disappoint her son, or his legion of fans who thoroughly enjoyed the exchange, Mama Staples wrote back: “That’s just like n—-s, talking about something they know nothing about!! You always been turned up!!!”

There you have it. Have a great weekend and know that if your mom doesn’t have your back like Vince Staples’ does, she needs to get in gear.