Vince Staples Reveals The Release Date For His New Album’s First Single

Vince Staples hasn’t released much new music over the past couple of years but he’s set to break his silence later this month, according to a new interview in W magazine. In addition to talking about the two projects he has coming out this year, Ramona Park Broke My Heart and Vince Staples, which is partially produced by Kenny Beats, the feature also revealed the release date for the first single from his upcoming self-titled project: June 18.

Addressing the upcoming Vince Staples project with Kenny Beats, Vince said, “[Kenny] sent me a beat that I recorded on, and it just went from there. We didn’t go into it intentionally thinking that we would end up with as much as we had. We ended up working two days a week for a month, from after Thanksgiving until before Christmas in 2020. A couple of weeks in, we looked up, and we had some stuff.”

Recently, Vince let Killer Mike hear one of the two projects, prompting the Atlanta rap vet to compliment the Long Beach native as “gifted.” While we don’t know which of the two projects Mike heard, given the groundbreaking quality of Vince’s last two efforts, 2019’s FM! and Big Fish Theory, it’s just about a sure bet that he’s going to deliver something that sounds fresh and innovative, yet true to his California roots.

Vince’s next single drops on 6/18. Until then, you can check out some of Vince’s features from the past year, including Tiana Major9’s “Real Affair,” Lil Yachty’s “In My Stussy’s,” and The White Tiger soundtrack cut, “Jungle Mantra.”