Vince Staples Is Making Vegan Milkshakes With Monty’s Good Burger

While most folks might recognize Long Beach rapper Vince Staples best for his nihilistic raps and biting sense of sardonic wit, he’s also been quite an outspoken advocate for healthy living. This week, he’s taking that advocacy to the next step with his “Meat Is Murder” milkshake at plant-based burger joint Monty’s Good Burger. Starting Friday, February 7 and running through the end of February, Monty’s three locations in Southern California — Echo Park, Koreatown, and Riverside — will offer the soy-based milkshake, which is black cherry charcoal flavored. Proceeds from the shake will go to supporting animal adoption in Los Angeles.


Vince’s explanation for the partnership is as incisive as his lyrics. In a press release announcing the shake, he says, “Every dead burger is a dead pet and every dead pet is a dead homie.” There may be fewer dead homies in Los Angeles County soon, as a dollar from every sale will be donated to the Monty & Friends Adoption Fund. A longtime festival pop-up, Monty’s Good Burger opened its first permanent location in Koreatown in 2018. For more information, you can visit Monty’s Good Burger’s website here. And in case you were wondering, Monty is the handsome fella with Vince in the picture up top. He’s a rescue dog himself, which explains why animal adoption is such an important cause to the burger joint named after him.

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