Wale Started A Heated Twitter Debate Over What Belongs On A Sandwich

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For better and for worse, social media has fundamentally changed the way we as music listeners engage with our favorite artists, their work, and their ideas. In 2019, a musician is just as likely to be in the news for a stated political view as they are for making a great song. And, if there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years, it’s that people really do get riled up when an artist puts a controversial opinion out into the world. On Thursday, this phenomenon was on full display when the rapper Wale sparked a debate on Twitter over, of all things, sandwiches.

The kerfuffle began with a rather innocuous tweet. “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but jelly 100 percent belongs on a TurkeyBaconEggNCheese Sandwich,” the rapper wrote on Thursday morning. This proclamation seemed to strike a chord with many online and an unexpected row broke out in the replies.

While some seemed to agree with the rapper about the merits of the sweet and savory combination, others found the suggestion blasphemous.


Inspired by Wale’s bold breakfast declaration, some fans even suggested their own unexpected food combinations.

And, for all those wondering what type of jelly Wale is putting on his turkey bacon, egg, and cheese, the D.C. rapper said he’s partial to “skrawwwbury.”