Wale And Lil Wayne Finally Find Reasons To Smile In Their ‘Running Back’ Video

For two guys who always seem to have the weight of the rap world on their shoulders, Wale and Lil Wayne look like they found reason to smile and dance in their new video for their collab track “Running Back.” The two sports junkies use the song as a double entendre to spill on how proficient they are with all the different types of women they cross path with as glorious rap stars. Directed by ACRS, the visual is bright and fun, mixing a kaleidoscope of colors with a few product placements plus a bevy of eye candy to keep audience’s entertained, as if both rappers’ playful verses weren’t enough already.

As noted previously, hearing Wayne with renewed energy and focus is becoming less of a rarity these days. He not 100% back to “Mixtape Weezy” form — and he’s still stuck in label limbo anyway — but he’s inching closer and closer by the guest appearance. The same credit due applies to Folarin, too, as he gears up to release his new album S.H.I.N.E. soon. It’s like the slight shove he received from J. Cole on “False Prophets” was just what he needed to get him headed in the right direction again.

Watch the “Running Back” video above and, since we’re here, check out the accompanying vid for “Groundhog Day” as well, which just released late last week.