Watch A Semi-Naked Mischa Barton Run Around Semi-Nakedly In The New Noel Gallagher Video

Hey, guys, remember Mischa Barton? Well, she’s back, in nearly-naked form. The former-yet-forever Marissa Cooper appears in the music video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ “Everybody’s On the Run,” for no other reason than someone thought, “I bet that girl from The O.C. would look really hot with her dress torn off after it gets stuck in a taxi door – wait, we can’t get Rachel Bilson or Olivia Wilde? I guess call Mischa Barton, then.”

It’s good to see Mischa doing…anything, actually. ALSO: I just looked at her IMDb – did you knew she was the voice of Betty Ann Bongo on Kablam!??? I obviously did not, and if one of you monsters comments, “I’d like to play her bongos all night long-o,” I might have to pull a Sandy Cohen and talk to you in a stern, yet understanding fashion. No one wants that.

(GIF via BuzzFeed)