Weezer Finally Cover Toto’s ‘Africa’ After Trolling Fans Last Week

A few weeks ago, a movement to get Weezer to cover Toto’s timeless 1982 hit “Africa” came so tantalizingly close to achieving its goal. Weezer took note of the campaign and instead of playing the song, Rivers Cuomo and company decided to do a bit of trolling by performing “Rosanna,” a Toto single that is not, in fact, “Africa.”

Since December 2017, the Twitter account @weezerafrica has been trying to convince the band to cover “Africa,” and now, after months of diligent tweeting (and even getting one of Toto’s members on board), Weezer finally came through and, as proof that perseverance and memes can accomplish all things, released their rendition of the most enduring pop hit of the ’80s.

Sure enough, Weezer’s interpretation of the song isn’t all that far off from the original, as it includes the iconic synth sounds, the minimal but powerful drum fill leading into the chorus, and that sweet, sweet chorus that people from all walks of life have sung along with at some point in the past 36 years. The band also appropriately honored @weezerafrica by using a screenshot of a December 6, 2017 tweet from the account — which reads, “@RiversCuomo it’s about time you bless the rains down in africa” — on the single art.

As @weezerafrica put it, “Looks like @Weezer finally blessed the rains…”

Listen to Weezer’s cover of “Africa” above.