Weezer’s Summery New Single ‘Beach Boys’ Is A Nostalgic Love Letter To Brian Wilson

Rivers Cuomo said that Weezer’s upcoming album Pacific Daydream was heavily inspired by a Chinese proverb, but so far, the imagery leading up to the record has been a love letter to classic American music. First they did their best Guns N’ Roses impersonation in their video for “Feels Like Summer,” and now they’re somehow even more overt with their admiration for The Beach Boys in their new appropriately titled song, “Beach Boys.”

The track isn’t a Beach Boys tribute in sound, since it’s more in line with the summery rock we’ve thus far heard from Pacific Daydream than the melody-driven classic pop of Brian Wilson and the gang. It’s the lyrics that are a direct homage to the band, who Rivers sings he “loved when [he] was a west side kid”:

“Turn it up, it’s The Beach Boys
Singing out in a sweet voice
On a roll, like a Rolls Royce
Keep cranking them Beach Boys
Turn it up, it’s The Beach Boys
Making my eyes get moist
Hold ‘em up, at gunpoint
Keep cranking them Beach Boys.”

Cuomo isn’t bluffing about his Beach Boys love: He created a Spotify playlist in 2014 called “What Rivers Listened to in 1993” that’s a 200-song mix of The Beach Boys and The Beatles, and in 2010, he posted a video to his Facebook page of himself covering “God Only Knows.”

Listen to “Beach Boys” above.